Criteria for Financing:
  • Start-up businesses are now eligible for financing
  • Your purchase must be at least $5000 
  • Must be located in the US
  • Sole proprietors welcome
Did you Know?
  • 97.3% of all businesses have less than 500 employees
  • 10% of this economy is a small business just like you

How to Reach Us

Barbara Griffith
714.573.9804 ext. 101

Print Application

Equipment Financing Designed for Photographers 

Step-by-step guidance: We will assist you in developing a budget for your equipment acquisition
Let us help your business be as efficient and productive as possible 
We provide solutions specifically tailored for the photographer. We understand the equipment will bring additional revenue for your business.

Why Photographers Finance
  • Preserve Credit Lines
  • Conserve Working Capital
  • Tax Advantages
  • Quick & Easy 
The Benefits of Financing 
  • Protection Against Advancing Technology
  • Predictable Low Monthly Payments
  • Lower Upfront Costs
  • Flexible Pay Structure

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